Private Salon Suites

Building 1, Suite 1

Beautiful, Modern & Well-equipped Private Salon Suites

Each of our private suites has unique features, many of which are found nowhere else.  Some have private entrances with private restrooms, some have multiple bowls/stations, and all feature private wash stations and styling stations, Smart television, lots of storage, dryers, Amazon Alexas, and high quality 5000K 95+ CRI LED lighting at the stations, with soft and relaxing 3000K lighting in  passage areas.

Building 2, Suite 4

Every Little Detail…

We even make sure every little detail is thought out.  From having many GFCI Outlets at each station, and outlets with USB ports for charging your devices, to private refrigerators in each suite.  Even the locks for each suite are smart digital locks that allow you to have your own private code, and even open with your fingerprint.

Building 2, Suite 9

Looking to Share?

Some of our suites are large enough for two to four hairdressers to share.  If you are looking for a shared private space, we may have an available suite for you. To make it even easier, we can set up so that each of you pays your agreed-upon amount of rent automatically through our app.

Building 2, Suite 3

Not Just for Stylists

While our suites are initially set up for stylists, they can be quickly adapted for anything from Mani/Pedi, Estheticians, Massage therapists and more.

Building 1, Suite 4

Priced For Your Growth

You surely know what Salon Suites go for our there.  Some have big names and cost a small fortune while offering very little.  Yet others are certainly more affordable,  but severely lacking in a sense of a professional, clean and attractive atmosphere.  You will find that our rental rates are significantly lower than the big names, while everything you have at your fingertips is significantly more attractive and useful that the budget options.