FAQ for Potential Salon Tenants

So you have a few questions? Read on...

Simply put, you control your income and schedule.  Imagine you work at a salon and generate $6,000 in services and sell $1,000 in product.  In a traditional scenario, you may make $3,100 per month.  But if you rent a suite, have a 50% markup on product and generate the same income, you make $6,500 per month. More than double.  If your rent is $250 per week, you will have made $5,500.00 by renting.  That is $2,400 more than working at a traditional Salon, and this way you are your own boss, you have your own private space, and make significantly more money.

To begin, this is where the trend is moving, and for good reason.  When you open a traditional salon, you have the added headache and costs of building out your plan, paying all utilities, buying all equipment, being required to have a long-term lease, and overall paying higher rent.  Opening a new salon is an extremely high-risk endeavor, and adds the weight of managing the infrastructure, payroll, negotiations, and so much more.  You can quickly find yourself becoming consumed by the mundane operations of the business as you try to stay afloat.  When you rent a suite from us, you focus on building your client base, while providing great service.  We handle the rest, and it is still your own business you are running.

Absolutely!  When more than one person rents a booth or suite, we simply add your friend to your lease as a secondary tenant. There is a slightly higher rental fee for multiple people to help cover anticipated extra utility use, but we can combine the rent onto one bill, or each of you can pay your own relative portion of the rent.

When you work at a traditional salon, your hours are made for you and you are there whether you are producing or not.  When you rent a suite, you are your own boss.  You come and go as you please, work whatever hours you desire, and control your schedule.  If you want to specialize in providing services for people in the middle of the night, or focus on working Sundays and Mondays, that is your choice.

It isn’t all roses, and we won’t lead you astray.  For one thing, you will not get much walk-in business.  While we do have a marketing system in place for tenants that would like to receive walk-ins or cold phone calls, it is not as much as a traditional salon.  However, our digital marketing strategy may well make up for that.  Additionally, you are owning your own business, and that comes with a certain amount of risk, of course.

Our suites range in size from 115 square feet up to 600 square feet.  Most are quite large compared to typical salon suites, which usually are only about 70 to 80 square feet.

The amount of rent depends on the space you rent.  A shared booth rental is less than a private suite, and larger suites are more than smaller suites.  However, if you have been shopping around, we are significantly less than the big names out there, while more than some of the less well-equipped and places with fewer services.

Our leases are weekly, and can be six months or twelve months.  A twelve month lease is discounted more than a six month lease.

For starters, bring your desire and energy!  Beyond that, it is required that you maintain current licensing as required by law for the service you provide, that you display a current certificate as required by law at all times, and follow all standards required for state inspections.  If you rent in Building #2, you will need your own salon license, which we can help with.  You must always keep your area clean, and we ask everyone here to help chip in with keeping the common areas clean and presentable between janitorial service cleanings.

There are only two things that we charge extra for.  If you use a significant amount of internet bandwidth, we offer a dedicated connection for you, but this amount would be significantly more than what you would use for streaming, etc.  Additionally, we have two parking lots, one in front for customers, and one in back.  If you wish to have a private space, we can rent one to you.  The last thing would be an excessive use of electricity or water is subject to a charge, but we have never done this and don’t expect to start anytime soon 🙂

If you have a private suite that does not share walls with a common area, you may paint it in just about any way you desire with prior approval.  All we will request is a detailed plan, and a deposit to cover the costs to return the suite to its original condition when you choose to leave.   If you are in a shared area, you may not paint the walls.  As for decorations, private suites may be decorated as you wish based on the same conditions listed above.  Shared areas are subject to approval in accordance with the overall look and feel of the salon.

Each tenant is provided a cabinetry, shelving, refrigerator, styling station, styling chair, hooded dryer, mat, shampoo bowl and chair. In some cases, it is a wet station, and in others the shampoo bowl and styling station are divided in the suite. Each suite has Wifi, Smart Television, Amazon Alexa, Multiple outlets with USB ports, and 95+ CRI 5,000K lighting. Each suite has a different color scheme, look and feel. Common areas include a sitting area for your clients, a coffee & tea bar. For your convenience, we have three kitchens with sink and microwave and two common refrigerators, and a laundry area for you. For your safety and security, we also provide automatic locking doors, a well-lit parking area, and security cameras in all common areas and parking areas.

Aside from legal requirements, you will need to bring your own tools, towels, hair products, and broom.

You will need the appropriate cosmetology license from the State of Florida, a license business with a Federal Tax IS from the IRS, and general and professional liability insurance.  If you rent a suite in building #2, you will also need a salon license from the State of Florida.  If you do not have any of this, we will be happy to help you with all forms and procedures necessary.

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